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A Guide to the Dexiverse



The Dexiverse is set in a multi-spoked world. Each spoke

of the Dexiverse contains its own unique dimension. Each

of these dimensions is populated by its unique citizens;


Humans in one, Vampires in another, Werewolves in yet

another, etc.  There are limitless dimensions and citizens

in the Dexiverse... many yet to be discovered. 


At the center of these dimensions lies Nightside. Think of

Nightside as Casablanca, a port of commerce and trade

for each of the dimensions. This central point is governed

by an elected council of representatives from each of the

known dimensions. The job of the council is to keep

Nightside neutral and operating fairly for the benefit of all



In theory each of the gates can be used not only to

transport through space, but also through time as well,

though few attempts to prove this have been granted as

travel is monitored heavily to prevent abuse. 


At the center of Nightside is the Talisman, an ancient

obelisk that controls the gateways passages and doors

that lead to Nightside and from Nightside to all other

dimensions. The Talisman can be set at varying levels of

access between dimensions.  Any gatekeeper with a

Talisman Key can alter the gateways, opening or closing

any portal, however, if the portal were to be opened fully,

all the worlds would begin to blend together in a night-

mare of chaos.  




Ways to travel between dimensions:


Keys and Portals are the only known way to travel between dimensions, and you must always stop in Nightside prior to moving on to the next dimension. There are rumors of paths that can be used to skirt Nightside and arrive directly in your target dimension, but they are said to be rare and dangerous. 


KEYS:       Keys are rare and powerful and guarded by the Nightside Council.  A key will allow you to turn any portal (i.e. an open closet door, a fireplace, etc.) into an automatic gate.  Keys also can be used to expand and contract the Talisman portal iris. This can be very useful when large shipments of goods are arriving or departing, but also dangerous.  If a dimension wanted to invade another they could open the gates wide to allow large troop movement.  Keys are only given to specific members of the council… though there are some that have found their way into other’s hands. (early in his career, Dex Dixon was trusted with one of these keys.)


                                                                                PORTALS:      A portal is an existing tear in the                                                                                              dimensional fabric.  They are of varying size and are                                                                                    open to anyone who knows where they exist. However,                                                                                  Trolls guard the known portals.  These Trolls aren’t                                                                                        generally very bright, but they are large and strong                                                                                        and do a good job of keeping travelers out (they eat the                                                                                ones foolish enough to not heed their warning).  




Known Dimensions:


The Dimension of the Normals (humans):  

This is our world… though seen through the lens of a

1930-1950 film noir.  Our Fair City is the capitol city of

our dimension and home to Dex and all his pals. The

majority of the humans have no idea that there are

creatures visiting them from other dimensions... they

are content to think of the stories as folklore and

fantasy. Lucky for them Dex Dixon and his crew are on

hand to keep the peace and protect them as they sleep.



The Dimension of the Vampires: 

This is an old and powerful dimension that has begun to crumble under its own weight. Over population of Vamps had caused famine… The indigenous human population of their dimension has mostly been consumed and those not eaten are running scared and trying to                                                                                   escape to other dimensions where they will be safe.                                                                                       The ruling class was forced to appeal to the  Talisman                                                                                  council  to gain permission to hunt in other dimen-                                                                                        sions. This is tricky due to the alliances between the                                                                                     spoke worlds.   Humans, the natural prey for the                                                                                            Vamps, dominated a couple of known worlds, but were                                                                                  protected by the treaty.  Vamps have been forced to eat                                                                                lesser beings and/or become rogue poachers in order to                                                                              feed their people.  Eager young Vamps had led several                                                                                  insurrections, and each time they have been stopped.                                                                                  During the last recorded attempt, Dex Dixon and his                                                                                      group of Paranormal Detectives were called in to stop                                                                                  the Vamps. They beat them back almost to the point of   extinction.  As a result, Dex was banished from Nightside , even though the council itself had called him into action.


The Dimension of the Weres:

An equally old dimension is that of the Werebeasts. Unlike the movie monster Werewolves, these creatures are always in their hybrid form. They are the blue-collar workers of the spoke worlds. Some Weres joined in the fight to invade the human dimensions, also claiming that they had the right to hunt Normals, though not their natural food source, just as the Vamps did.  You will find Weres in almost every dimet=nsion... doing the work that most citizens will not do. Hardworking and cunning, these creatures are loyal allies and equally dangerous enemies. 


Special Creature Abilities and Powers:



The Vamps in this story are immortal, silver is poisonous to them in large amounts, drink the blood of normal for full strength, but can eat lesser beings blood to survive, but their power diminishes somewhat if they do this consistently. 

The big difference is that these Vamps aren’t affected by sunlight.  

The origin of the beginning of the Vamps is unexplored in this story yet there is a strong Egyptian flavor to the Vamps in the Dexiverse.



When a human is turned into a vampire (this takes three bites) your skin develops unusual markings around the bite wound.  These markings are referred to as bio-tats; ancient glyphs triggered by the DNA of the vampire who bites you. The glyphs represent the lineage of the Vampire who sired you and serve as an indication of which family line you belong to.  Some families are greater and more respected and will often have the Eye of Ra glyph very close to the bite scars. In the more ancient families, these bio-tats can be quite beautiful and ornate. 


Bite Effects:

When a Vampire bites a human three times they become a Vampire:  There are three separate phases and each phase will change the victim in different ways.


Bite One:  

The first bite claims the victim for the Vampire. No other Vamp is allowed to bite or feed on this person.  As long as the Vampire is alive, the bitten Normal will be off limits. For the person bitten, they will begin to experience flash-sight, a pre-cognizant ability to sense things moments before they happen, increasing  their reaction time and efficiency.


Bite Two:

This bite brings with it super speedagility and the ability to heal from all non heart and brain injuries.  Sickness and poisons can still claim their lives.


 Bite Three: 

Immortality and the appearance of the bio-tats are the final phase and now they are full fledged members of Vampire society and can sire Vampires of their own, if given a papal blessing from a Vampire High Priest or Lord. The one disadvantage is the Hunger. An inescapable call to feed on the blood of the living. Ignoring the call to feed causes excruciating pain to the Vamp.  



Werewolves and Weres:

Werewolves have extremely strong skin that cannot be punctured                                    

except by silver weapons, another Were’s teeth or claws, or an

extremely large and powerful creature… Troll, Dragon… etc. They

cannot be turned into a Vampire and unless a rare toxin were intro-

duced into their blood stream, they can not be turned into a

Brainsucker (Zombie).


Weres also posses moon-sight.  In full moonlight a Were can touch

an object and get visions of who touched it and short bursts or

visions of events that happened while it was in their possession. Weres are often called upon to help locate people who are on the run or missing.



                                                           Trolls are, as often depicted in fairtails and folk lore, the                                                                              guardians of gateways, portals and bridges that are commonly                                                                  used as gates into Nightside. They are extremely strong,though                                                                not generally very bright.  If you were in a fight, you'd love them to                                                            be on your side... but they may abandon you at the sight of                                                                          something shiny or something to eat. Not everyone is allowed to                                                                pass.  If you posses a Key or can convince a Were to escort you                                                                 through, they will most likely let you through.   


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