THE ADVENTURES OF                                            DEX DIXON:                                     PARANORMAL DICK -

                   THE BOARD GAME!!

                                     Welcome to Our Fair City a hotbed of commerce,                                                      culture and crime. An urban sprawl at the edge
                                             of a dimensional rift between our world and that
                                             of Nightside: A world of monsters from your
                                             worst nightmares…
Dex Portrait.png


Welcome to the Dex Dixon Board Game... Enter the Dexiverse

and defend Our Fair City from the denizens of Nightside...

(These 3D figures Included with the basic game set: Dex Dixon, Delila, Lobo and Lyla Lariby, the one and only she Dick... and a real ball buster.)

Lyla Larabe.png
Dex no Bottles.png
Delila Fight Figure.png


Or seek to defeat them with the creatures of Nightside...


(These 3D figures Included with the basic game set: Horus, Hassina, Fritz & Yousch )

HAssina Fight.png
Yoush Serpent.png


Each of the eight main

characters (Bosses) has a

passport that lets you know

what attributes, modifiers 

and special Abilities each

Boss has. There are special

requirements to use each

ability and many cards that

will modify the outcomes of

each attribute and ability.



Each side character (Mugs) has an ID                                               card with their special abilities and                                                   modifiers as well.  Team these                                                         characters together to create some                                                 amazing gameplay.


The game is played with a combination of cards and die rolls coupled with map boards of the two opposing worlds connected by the Talisman Gate separating and connecting these worlds across multiple dimensions.


Move freely, collecting powerful

Equipment, Spells and Artifacts

that you can use to help yourself

or hinder your opponents as you

race to achieve your objectives.


150 beautiful cards designed by

Cole Munro-Chitty, Portland artist 

and game developer, are included

all created to make gameplay as 

exciting, dynamic and compelling

as possible.

To win the game, play out scenarios 

created by our team or create ones

of your own... share your scenarios

with an on-line community of players

and share ideas for new Characters

Equipment, Powers, Artifacts and

Events with our design team...

You can become a part of the ever 

expanding Dexiverse.  


In addition to the eight main characters included in the basic game set, you can assemble a team of diverse and intriguing side characters... Neutrals, Allies and Henchmen!


(These 3D figures not Included with the basic game set. They are included as cards and tokens and will be available in expansion sets or as part of our Kickstarter perks.) 

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Manix Marloe.png
Brainsucker Ned.png
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