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From page to screen

In 2012 we decided to shoot a "Proof of Concept" to illustrate just what we wanted to bring audiences with Dex Dixon.  We assembled an amazing crew who gave their time to help us get the first 10 minutes of Dex Dixon recorded and shared.  An amazing set, accurate props and costumes and a few days in front of a beautiful RED camera yielded the following short film.  If you listen at the end, you will hear one of the original songs written for the film and transferred to the musical we created later.   Enjoy.

Sounds and music of the times

We knew sound was going to make a huge difference to the success of this piece so we ran a thirty day crowd funding campaign to raise money to have the music composed by KJ McElrath and Peter Petersen recorded professionally with live musicians.  Costly but worth every cent.

This is the short video we produced to raise the money for our music recording session.  It was a $5000.00 ask over thirty days and we were able to raise the money...of course at the last minute.

KEZI was the news station I was working for during this time... one of the reporters happened to hear about what we were up to and asked if they could do a feature story on it.  They interviewed us and we provided them some footage and they made this very nice story for us.

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