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THE dexiverse tales

After we filmed our proof of concept, we thought it would be fun for us to reach out to local directors and filmmakers and offer them a chance to create short films based in the world of Dex Dixon.  This was a great opportunity to introduce elements of the story that might be too expository for the main film... or to flesh out characters that don't have as large a screen presence. The only rule we set up was that Dex, himself, not appear in any of the films. 

dexiverse tales Vol. 3: Meal Interrupted

In Meal Interrupted, we are introduced to how the baddies were able to create and control a host of Brainsuckers (zombies).


Filmmaker, Shawn J Wight,  brings his unique viewpoint to this little expository which also introduces Fritz, a powerful Were, Azebo, a Vamp scientist and Hassina, one of the leaders of the Vampire rebellion.  


Written and produced by Steve Coker shot by Aaron Smith and edited by Mike Chariker. James Chick works his video graphics expertise to make this piece look incredible. Starring: Jessica Hess, Jon Ashley Hall, Ira Kortum and Sunshine Girl. 

dexiverse tales Vol. 5: Billie takes a powder

In the film script Dex's secretary is not featured, though she has a larger part in the musical.  In Billie Takes a Powder, Billie Blackthorne is trying to sever her ties with her boss after fifteen years of loyal service and an unrequited admiration.  Here we meet Manix Marloe and Scoops Collins as well.

On the set for our first episode proof of concept, Director James Chick took the morning of our second day of shooting to film this Dexiverse Tale.  Sound by Ken Webster, filmed by James Chick and starring Hollie Olson, Harold Phillips and Calvin Morie McCarthy.

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