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Character Designs By Scotty Roller.  Colorist, Steve Mattsson

Dex Dixon


Dex is a Paranormal Investigator at the begining of the end of his career. Once well respected and feared, he has become something of a joke. He will do anything to protect the citizens of Our Fair City.

Dex's estranged girlfriend and a torch song singer at Frank's Place. Delila's brother is Horus, Dex's main rival and she has vowed to protect Dex from her brother's wrath at all cost. Beautiful and Deadly.


Dex's most trusted friend. Lobo is a Werewolf who has been banished from Nightside and acts as an informant for Dex and a guide between Our Fair City and Nightside.

The wife of Ned Nailor, a wealthy Real Estate mogul who has recently become a zombie. She 

hires Dex to get to the bottom of his transformation. But she has a plan of her own.

Frank & Shadow

Frank is the owner of Nightside's Supper Club and Lounge. Frank is a long time ally of Dex.  He shares a brain with Shadow, a hulking creature who mimics his every move.

Manix Marloe

Manix Marloe, Mystic Dick is a longtime rival of Dex. He holds a grudge and will stop at nothing to discredit Dex. 

Lyla Lariby

the one and only she-dick and a real ball buster

Lyla, another friend and Paranormal Investigator. She is respected as Our Fair City's only female Dick. 


Fritz is a Werewolf for hire and a foul henchman of Horus',  Fritz and Lobo have a longstanding rivalry.


Prince of Vampires

Horus is the Prince of Night Side’s Vampire clans and Delila’s brother. Dex stopped a Vampire invasion ten years ago and Horus has been plotting against him ever since.

Nelly Nailor

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