Every filmmaker         has a secret       dream: They

      All want to        make musicals!

Dex Dixon, is a hard-boiled, Paranormal Investigator at the beginning of the end of his career, Dex lives in Our Fair City, a gritty, urban jungle just across a dimensional rift from Nightside; a city populated by the movie monsters of old.  It has been ten years since Dex was exiled from Nightside; and he never expected a mysterious woman to arrive with a case requiring his special skills that will drop him right back into trouble there.  Now Dex finds him-self returning to his old haunts, where he meets an old foe, an old friend and an old flame. 


"The Adventures of Dex Dixon: Paranormal Dick" is a Noir, Horror, Comedy Musical filled with puns, guns, vixens, vamps, monsters, music, and mayhem. 

The Musical version started as a fun Cabaret style show with two original songs and a few best generation standards thrown in for flavor. It played well to small audiences and ran for a few weeks in the Summer of 2014.  The show was done on the cheap, but its impact was anything but.  People asked us to "re-vamp" the show, but we were on to other shows by then.  It wasn't until Kirk Mouser of Stumptown Stages approached us to collaborate on a new show that we saw our chance to dust of Dex and expand the show  for a larger stage.


Stumptown pulled together a budget and a cast of some new players and some of the original cast and crew and it ran in the Winter of 2016 with an orchestra and a budget.  It was well received and is now in the stages of a rewrite with additional songs and greater stakes for our gum shoe.  We are ready to start letting outside groups produce this unique and hilarious Noir Musical Comedy.  






Be the first to present it in your community!  Call the following number to secure the rights: 503-888-5141 or email steve.coker@yahoo.com.

Please enjoy a song from the show.  "Frisk Me Dex" 

Music by: KJ McElrath

Lyrics by:  Steve Coker

Arranged by Pete Petersen

Performed by: G.B. Barker

Interested in the performance rights?

Frisk Me Dex - G.B. Barker
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2017-06-11 18.04.04
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2017-06-11 18.03.12
2017-06-11 18.02.55
2017-06-11 18.03.25
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Dex Dance
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