Dixon Musical gets Major Makeover

With the debut of "The Adventures of Dex Dixon: Paranormal Dick The Musical" at Stumptown Stages in 2016, I have been working on improving it. I started by listening to what audiences had to say, comments made in the reviews of the piece and doing a lot of research on other successful musicals. I quickly realized that taking what was a screenplay and directly transferring it into a stage show was problematic. They are two very different types of writing... and though the show worked on many levels and was enjoyable, there were many places where I had opportunities to make the show far more successful.

The "Want" Song: I realized that there was no "Want" song for Dex... What in the Dexiverse did this downtrodden dick want to change in his life?

The Delila Dilemma: Why did I introduce a love interest that shows up at the end of act one and not again until she is a captured damsel in distress at the end of act two... what is at stake for her, what happened between she and Dex and I needed to establish more of a connection between the two.

Lobo for Laughs: We have a great character in Lobo and a fun song in act two for Dex and his Were pal, but we needed a bit more to establish these two guys and to lighten up a bit of the heavy act one interactions.

The Horror of Horus: Though Horus is at once a comedic character and a Big Bad in the show, I felt we needed a bit more from him in act two to taunt our guileless gumshoe and add a bit more danger in the last scene. I wanted to see him really enjoying his potential and seemingly inevitable success.

So how do you solve problems like these in a musical? More songs! So with, original composer, KJ McElrath, I set out to write four additional songs for the show;

"Now and Then" for Dex, where he laments the loss of his prime and yearns to return to those exciting times.

"Why Not Be Undead" a song where Delila tries to convince Dex that she needs to make him immortal in order to save his world.

"Do It On The Papers, Not On The Rug" a fun buddy song between Dex and Lobo establishing Lobo's "Nervous Habit."

And finally, "Sweet Vicious Blood" where Horus explains the hunger that a Vamp experiences if they do not feed on human blood.

Once we finished the songs, I appealed to my roommate and Musical Director, Adam Young to help me fine tune these new songs as well as the previously written material. We were going to reorchestrate all the songs. I found some opportunity to adjust lyrics and dynamics as well. It has proven o be quite a feat. Soon we should have a few of the new tracks recorded to share with everyone... till then, stay tuned for updates.

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